The Wriggly Monkey Brewery launched in Oxfordshire in 2018, engineering beer for petrol heads.


Based at Bicester Heritage, a hub of motoring excellence, The Wriggly Monkey Brewery takes inspiration from the worlds of engineering and motoring, creating traditional real ales with flair. Think the stiff-upper lip of Winston Churchill combined with the craic of James Hunt.


The brewery’s specially adapted Armstrong Siddeley Racing Bar traverses the country for motoring events, selling beer to petrol heads as mad about motors as they are.

The Brewery Tap Room is open to the public every Friday from 4pm-10pm, with Food Truck Friday on the second and last Friday of every month when a tasty food truck serves from 5-9pm.


The brewery also hosts special events, as well as special openings for groups and car clubs, and creates white label custom brews to order.

You wouldn't be the first to ask where the name comes from.. a wriggly monkey is a key component of a Frazer Nash - one of our favourite types of car.

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